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Anoushka Shankar @ City Winery, New York – US Traveller Tour

The extremely talented Anoushka Shankar took to the stage of City Winery for three consecutive shows between April 6-8, coinciding with her father and maestro Ravi Shankar’s 92nd birthday. I was lucky enough to catch one of the few remaining seats for the Sunday show, my interest sparked by a great interview on WNYC radio.

Anoushka’s performance came from her latest work, ‘Traveller’, combining Indian classical music with flamenco guitar and vocals, culminating in a dynamic dialogue between the two forms of music.

I was blown away by the pulsating rhythms of the tabla drums matched to the impressive sitar of Shankar and deeply emotional vocals of Sandra Carrasco. The Bansuri was also particularly striking, ringing out across the audience in tones closely matching the human voice.

The talent of the individual performers was only second to the strength of the band together. Knowing each other so well, they were enjoying the show as much as the audience and this was reflected in their playful jamming; coming together wonderfully on woven crescendos, interspersed with impressive solos. Producer Javier Limón’s ability to enact Anoushka’s vision of the musical pairing shone as the flamenco guitarist alternated with Anoushka’s sitar, proving similarities, while celebrating difference.

Be sure to catch Anoushka Shankar on the Traveller tour as it continues across the US before returning to Europe.

See tour dates and check out her latest album at

anoushka 3 Anoushka Shankar @ City Winery, New York   US Traveller Tour

anoushka 5 Anoushka Shankar @ City Winery, New York   US Traveller Tour

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