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Interview with The Postelles and Photos from All Points West – Part One

the postelles all points west 12 Interview with The Postelles and Photos from All Points West   Part One

We interviewed The Postelles at the end of July 2009 at the All Points West Festival. Originally planned for another publication we are only able to release all our material now. So enjoy the next few weeks as we take a look back to those monsoon-like days.

First up, the first half of an interview with The Postelles and pictures from their performance. This half is fairly light-hearted, dealing with subject matter such as pee and women (not at the same time…), while the second half delves into the differences between the UK and the US music scenes, and the interaction between music and politics. Enjoy!

Christian: So I saw from your Twitter you were at the first day of All Points West Festival, who updates it?

Daniel Balk: Random, each band member has a go.

Did you have a good time at the All Points West festival?

John Speyer: I was there, Daniel wasn’t, I got really wet but had an amazing time. Fleet Foxes were definitely the highlight. Yeah Yeah Yeahs were good, but I hadn’t seen Fleet Foxes before and was totally blown away – I even got to talk to Robyn backstage and they are the nicest guys you would meet.

Agreed, so who would you most like to collaborate with from the lineup?

Daniel: Well, The Artic Monkeys would be really cool, we like them a lot. Yeah Yeah Yeahs would be also be great, especially because they are from New York

John: Jay Z would be amazing; in fact he would be perfect. He is electrifying – he totally proved that he is a real rockstar and doesn’t have a rival at the moment.

Christian: My favourite song is The Postelles “Boys Best Friend“, how would you explain the meaning behind it?

Daniel: Well, its about a story of a guy meeting a girl and falling in love and dating for a bit, and then the girl ends up liking girls and sort of ends up dating the same girls he was once sort of dating.

John: tell him the other part…

Daniel: Oh it’s also about this book The Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway.

John: Thats not the true story.

Daniel: Yeah the true story is we had an experience, two members in our band, with a girl who ended up becoming a lesbian.

Christian: On two separate occasions?

Daniel: No it was the same girl.

John: The one that got away.

Daniel: the one that REALLY got away.

Christian: (Laughing) well I read that ‘1,2,3 Stop‘ was about a night out in London where everyone was peeing on each other, is that correct? (I mean a lot of people piss in the street in the UK….)

John: Well it was definitely based on a night out, not specifically for that night but yeah, we were in Camdem Crawl and everyone was peeing everywhere.

Daniel: Well I wasn’t sure we based it on that particular night, but we could definitely see that…

Christian: Moving did you feel about how well your EP was received in the UK, like Zane Lowe supporting you?

Daniel: What with Zane Lowe playing it and stuff? Well we recorded it in two days, and we are really proud of it. I think we have matured a lot since then and our new stuff will be a lot better, but yeah, I am really proud of it.

John: yeah I am excited about getting our new stuff out there, with our new album. We are going to get out on the road – get out there and play and make sure our live set is perfect.

Daniel: It is meant to come out in the first quarter of 2010.

Christian: So what was your favourite show on the London/Paris tour?

Daniel: Well we did 5 shows in London and 2 shows in Paris. Camden crawl was really fun, we played a little pub, and Showcase in Paris was amazing, there were 600 people there and we did not expect that at all, it was insane.

Christian: That is a great turn-out.. so who is the worst person to tour with?

John: Oh thats kind of personal… we can all been pretty bad.

Christian: Ok, so what vices do you have?

John: Women.

Christian: Asides from Women and Whiskey?

Daniel: Well the biggest problem is all the peeing on each other. Its really getting out of hand.

John: Yeah we cant stop.

Daniel: yeah 1,2,3 Stop.

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    Wow you’re music is absolutely painful to listen to. It’s like a sad attempt to mimic the Strokes and the Beatles combined into one pathetic unoriginal uncreative pop group who never could have gotten any publicity beyond a high school talent show without rich parents and connections.

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