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Metric Play Free Brooklyn Prospect Park Gig Thurs 5th August

Canadian indie-rock band Metric will be in New York this week when they play a free (yes, free!!) gig in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. This is their first show in New York since they played Terminal 5 back in May – and what an experience that was.

Metric Metric Play Free Brooklyn Prospect Park Gig Thurs 5th August

I arrived to a fairly serene crowd but there was a buzz in the air, a climatic atmosphere, that sense that something exciting was about to happen standing waiting for the stage to ignite.

I am a Metric fan and this was the first time I had seen them live, so of course I did expect to enjoy the experience but you never know what you will get with a live show, there isn’t the security that is offered with an album, it can change the way you feel about a band.

Metric opened with Twilight Galaxy easing the crowd in gently, Emily Haines graced the stage with her delicate frame and blonde hair wearing a white top and silver sequined skirt which suits her soft angelic voice. Set against the heavy stage it was difficult to take your eyes off her as she moved around the stage with an energy and enthusiasm that grew with every song. Emily Haines has one of those intoxicating voices that just gets stuck in your head and takes over. She has a hypnotic presence and watching her play guitar and jump around the stage you can see she is not as delicate she looks.

She is totally at home on stage, comfortable, at ease constantly giving just enough, but is never over the top. She’s very good at what she does and she does a little bit of everything. It wasn’t until after the fourth song Help I’m Alive that she actually said “Hello New York!” she was aware of the crowd she just wasn’t fazed. Her performance is confident but not arrogant; she emits talent but doesn’t take herself too seriously, as she sings, plays and dances you can sense the fun and the dedication she has. The band collectively delivered the same passion and as Haines moved around them one by one you could sense that this is a band that genuinely enjoys working together. Jimmy Shaw gave an energetic guitar performance throughout the show, peaking with impressive guitar solos.

Metric2 Metric Play Free Brooklyn Prospect Park Gig Thurs 5th August

Empty from the Live It Out album was the fifth song of the set and definitely the climax of the show; Metric completely controlled the crowd, breaking the song down and lowering the volume until the crowd had almost come to a standstill in anticipation, only to throw it back in the loudest, most dramatic of ways. Its one of those moments when you find yourself lost, Metric set the tone for the rest of the show, they were giving you music and they were giving it live.

They performed most of their latest album Fantasies finishing on Stadium Love and Haines softened the song down almost to a whisper and casually walked off backstage, microphone in hand still singing the last note to end the show. Haines is the definition of cool. Haines and Shaw came back to the stage and finished with an acoustic version of Combat Baby from the 2003 album Old World Underground, the 4 band members then stood together in a line, it was one of those bittersweet moments where you are in total awe of what just happened and simultaneously sad that it is over.

I highly recommend going to see Metric, they are great live and will deliver an energetic and passionate performance. If you like bands such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs then you will most likely enjoy Metric. Be Sure to check Metric out at Prospect Park in Brooklyn on Thursday August 5th. Metric are also back in New York at the end of October supporting Muse on their North American tour. For tour dates visit

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