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Tiga Interview – Electric Zoo Dance Festival

tiga 2 Tiga Interview   Electric Zoo Dance Festival

International DJ Tiga photo at Electric Zoo Dance Festival

Benjamin-Émile Le Hay: Why have you chosen to perform at Electric Zoo this year?

Tiga: Well, I wanted to play in New York; I had a lot of friends that were play. I wanted a good show in the States, ‘cuz I don’t find to many… It seems like a good line up. I’m actually donating all my fees to charity.

BL: What did you decided to do that? Not a lot of performers do that…

Tiga: I’ve wanted to do that for a while and I’ve been kind of lazy about it. There’s a Jay Hayes, originally from Philadelphia and he lives in Berlin. I’ve never met him, but I have his record and he seems like a cool guy. Well, I got an email basically saying that he was trying to unite a bunch of people to give to efforts in the Congo. It was something that triggered me and I just wrote him an email right away telling him I wanted to help out. He was a catalyst for me, but I’ve been very interested in that part of the world and the positive and negative of not all of Africa, but of certain countries. I’m really happy to get the ball rolling. We’re really lucky as DJs to travel—it’s good money to do something we love. We travel globally you know and I even feel sometimes that it’s an easy thing to do to give something back. I think I would like to make it much more regular of a thing with me– and some of my friends, to give something back.

BL: Where do your musical influences come from?

Tiga: I feel most of my musical ideas are rooted in my personality, than in a musical background. I mean I grew up around music: my father always had records, I saw a lot of parties when I was young, I use to go to India and I saw a lot of things… It was a very liberal upbringing. So I guess I’m very open-minded to things, I’m not too much of a purist.

BL: Where are you off to next, what are you up to next?

Tiga: I’d like to take a break from everything, clear my head. I want to start something new—I feel like I’m at the end of a cycle. I just want to start something fresh. I’ve been doing some remixes lately… Ya so I have a bit more touring to do for the rest of the year, I don’t know another ten shows. I’ve been doing a tour of Australia. I want to make a new CD, work on my DJ set and start getting new ideas for the next album.

BL: Tell me about “Sexor?” What does it mean to you and what do you hope to communicate with it?

Tiga: I kind of forgot about that one now…

BL: Oh no!

Tiga: Ya I know thank you! I sort of forget about my stuff, I sort of have to…  Well you know hen I look back on the album now it seems sort of naïve, but in a nice way. I was having fun, I was so excited to even be able to make an album, let alone what it sounded like. It was a life long dream to make an album and be in that position, so I was really happy. Ya I like the album, I’m proud of it. I mean, what I’m most proud of with Sexor is that there are moments on the record that are so weird, I can’t even believe I released that to the world. Like that “Ballad of Sexor” song…

BL: That’s my favorite song!

Tiga: That’s amazing! So thank you! It’s interesting as an artist sometimes the things that you think are really flawed or really weird, end up touching people more. Sometimes we work on things for weeks and nobody cares about it. It works both ways. So that’s an important lesson for me to remember. So always be true to yourself and you like something—I mean I loved that song—so just put it out there! All my friends were like, “You can’t! You can’t!”

BL: What’s up for the rest of the weekend?

Tiga: Toronto and Montréal!

BL: Lastly, what is one thing that really irks you when you’re traveling? That really bothers you?

Tiga: When there is no room service menu in my hotel room! Then that freaks me out.. I hate people who were sandals on an airplane. I hate people with giant heads… I don’t see any around…I hate waiting for people.

BL: Do you consider yourself to be punctual?

Tiga: I do, ya I do in general…

tiga 1 Tiga Interview   Electric Zoo Dance Festival

International DJ Tiga photo at Electric Zoo Dance Festival

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